Save on your next home!

Save on your next home by using ICF! Pleasant Ridge Construction can incorporate Insulated Concrete Forms into your next custom home build! 

What’s gone up 130% since April? What has increased the average cost of a home by $16K? 💸


According to National Association of Home Builders, the recent spike in softwood lumber prices has caused the price of an average new single-family home to increase by $16,148 since April 17!

BUT rest assured, you can still build that dream house amid these skyrocketing lumber prices… JUST BUILD IT BETTER WITH LOGIX ICF! (Plus, you’ll be saving money with its spectacular long-term energy-efficiency and high-performance durability) 
Using ICFs can help make your home stronger, quieter, and more energy-efficient! Now 

Learn more about rising lumber prices here:…/average-new-home-price-now-16000-high…/

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